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Crushed Metal Look-A-Like Mallet Prop

Crushed Metal Look-A-Like Mallet Prop


Not into the red and black theme? Heres a classic green and purple color combination inspired by DC Comic's villain Joker. The mallet features hand harved "HA HA" all over and a cut out panel to expose color, while eva foam is used to shape the exterior to resemble crushed metal. 

Mallet comes with diamond on one side- if you would like the other side designed please make sure to select the correct option and leave a note on what you want (including color!!)


Mallet stands around 48 inches tall and 16 inches wide (model is 5'4).
Light weight and durable.

Made from EVA foam with a hard interior to last! 
These are fully hand made, carved, and painted. 


Mallets can take up to 12 weeks to ship.

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