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Rock AND Oddities VIP Event

I am a professional couture and costume designer, SFX makeup artist, and model. You can book a VIP one-on-one with me before- or during Rock and Oddities Con (Oct. 27th-28th)! Wear your dream look all day or all weekend at this amazing, fully immersive event! 

These are extremely limited time slots so book while you can! I will be there all weekend selling hand made costumes and walking around- terrorizing people (muahahaha) but this is your only chance at getting a custom fit costume and special effects makeup to match!

Please make sure to read all the information  and guidelines here while you book your time (this is very important) and select the look you want!

Below you will find different VIP packages from only FX makeup to the whole shebang with a costume and makeup of YOUR choosing! 

Whether you want to spend the full day all done up, a few hours in SFX makeup, or have a costume to wear proudly all weekend and on Halloween- there's a package for everyone

If you have any questions pre- or post booking please email me at or fill out the "contact" box at the bottom of the page! I will get back to you within 72 hours at the most.

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Feminine Looks

Masculine Looks


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