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Who is Harleen?

Haute Couture and Costume Designer, Harleen Dimopoulos rose to sartorial prominence as the executive and aesthetic director for such brands as Sweetheart Harley, revolutionizing cosmetics and couture which articulate the zeitgeist: "dress for dopamine." Entrepreneur, designer, and influencer, Ms. Dimopoulos' career spans fashion and makeup, technological science, and media psychology.

Over a decade ago, Ms. Dimopoulos started appearing at comic conventions and skyrocketed her way to becoming a local celebrity for her work on Sweetheart Harley, portraying DC Comics' character Harley Quinn.  This local fame led to her becoming invited to comic cons' as a guest, a judge on panels for cosplay competitions, appearances on local television, and dozens of national photographic features in magazines for her abilities in sewing and prop making. 

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